23 Sept 2021

3 SEO Strategies that Your Competition is Using

Digiora Technologies Pvt Ltd

SEO is one of the most dynamic aspects in digital marketing for the algorithms and ranking parameters changes almost every single day. It is also the reason 61% of marketers believe SEO can unlock the success of your brand. And why 41% of their marketing budget to it.

With the world using more internet than ever before, thanks to COVID-19 SEO can even make a break a brand. With just a few more months to 2022, how does your SEO strategy look? To get a personalized SEO Strategy for your brand, you can reach out to us.

Here, though, we are getting started with a few path breakers.

Optimize for Google Passage Ranking

If you haven’t done this already, do it now! Google launched what they call Passage ranking back in October 2020, where individual passages on web pages can be ranked along with the whole page itself. Why is it a big thing? Google can pull out sections from a page even if that page is covering a different topic than what is displaying in the SERP.

Let’s say you wrote a blog post on social media marketing, covering a wide variety of aspects, such as social media, tips and tricks, metrics, and so on. Your page could get ranked for the keyword social media marketing, even if that wasn’t your optimized keyword. It’s indexing your page based on past entries and other factors, which is definitely great.

Follow the EAT principle

EAT here stands for expertise, authority and trustworthiness. All this sounds great, but can a new website or an entrant brand make their website be an expert, authority in the often saturated field out there? Fret not. There are small, gradual ways to do this.

  • It is all about the reviews! Get customers talking good about your service or product on established brands like Amazon or Google.
  • Get high quality links from sites in your industry. Get in touch with our SEO team to know how.
  • Publish testimonials, case studies, reviews and other forms of social proof on your website.

Keep uploading fresher content

Obvious, right? Yet marketers neglect this detail for their on page SEO. There are over 4.4 million blog posts published every day. So it’s pretty easy for your brand to fall short in ranking if you don’t keep publishing fresher content.

Without a doubt, fresh content (could be testimonials as well) is far more valuable than old content for people tend to often look at the date for relevance. Give prime importance to page titles, subheads, the alt text used in images, the sort of long-tail keywords you are targeting, etc.

Get in-depth SEO analysis for your page today. Reach out to us at Digiora, a digital marketing, website designing company based in Kochi and London with over a decade of experience, to elevate your brand to new heights.