15 Dec 2017 / Technical

Angular 5 is Here! What are the New Features ?

Cijo Dominic

Angular, popular javascript framework maintained by Google, that is frequently used by developers all over the world for building desktop and mobile applications, gained its popularity quickly by its Consistency, Productivity, Maintainability, and Modularity. Angular 5 was announced to the world on November 1, 2017.

The history of angular versions

2010 - Angular js

2016 - Angular 2

2016 - December - Angular 4

2017 - November - Angular 5

Key features of angular 5

  • To make the app faster and smaller, Angular 5 uses build optimiser that makes the application smaller by eliminating unnecessary code.
  • For Angular forms, developers can decide when the validation and value updates of forms or fields are updated via on blur or on submit rather than on every input event.
  • Angular 5 provide major support to build progressive web apps so apps can be cached in the browser.Progressive web apps are regular web pages or websites but can appear to the user like traditional applications or native mobile applications.
  • @angular/HTTP module was used for making HTTP requests in Angular applications, which is now deprecated and replaced by @angular/common/HTTP.
  • Pipes in Angular are used to transform data in the template.Angular 5 is now using its own implementation number, date and currency pipes that increase standardization across browsers.
  • Now we can use multiple names for components and directives.This will help users migrate without breaking changes.
  • Improvements have been made to the Angular compiler to support incremental compilation. The Angular compiler operates as a TypeScript transform to enable faster rebuilds.