01 Oct 2020

Are you a small business? Then you need to check our pandemic survival list. Especially #3

Digiora Technologies Pvt Ltd

Your business had just started to bloom when - boom - 2020 and Covid-19 happens. You are not alone. Even as businesses grapple to make sense of the “new normal”, small-scale businesses are wondering. Should they pull the shutters or try hard to remain afloat?

In this article, we are all about the “just keep swimming” motto. As a web development company and branding partner for some stellar clients, we are listing out a few tips to tide over any crisis, pandemic included.

01.Adapt to the New Normal

Now is a great time to let go of what you have no control on and to focus on a routine that solves the pertinent pain points. If you haven’t already, you need to communicate to your customers you are open for business. A simple newsletter or message stating that you are well prepared to offer a great and safe experience is the first step.

Gain the trust of your employees and be compassionate. Employees would be going through their own anxieties during Covid-19 times. It would be a good idea to promote work from home where possible or have rotational shifts fixed so that the same person doesn’t stay in office for long. Also, let them suggest ideas for business innovation. Involve your stakeholders and we are sure that when many heads come together, there will be a way forward.

02.Step up your game

From a brand perspective, take a little time to see what your business can do today. Could your brand offer an informative tutorial? Should you be finally looking at the rebranding exercise you had put off for a later date?

The question on everyone’s mind is also on how to pivot their business to the changing times. For some, it might be to innovate their retail strategy by including contactless options.

Through all this, the role of digital marketing is undoubtedly HUGE. Unfortunately, the first response to a financial crunch is to cut down on digital marketing spends. Now is the time to align with the best in the field. This brings us to our next point.

03.Optimize your Digital Strategy

Optimize, not omit, your digital strategy. Whether you are a B2B or a B2C, your service or product needs to reach where your end-user is - mostly on their phone and/or at home. According to Nielsen Report, social media presence has become far more important now than ever.

Social media giants like Instagram and Facebook are trying to do their bit to help small businesses. They have rolled out tools and features like food delivery & gift card stickers from mid-April so that your loyal customers online can do their bit to promote your business to their network.

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