28 July 2021

Branding and Marketing lessons from BTS.

Digiora Technologies Pvt Ltd

If there is one music band that has dominated global music charts and fans across borders and cultures, it’s got to be BTS.

For the uninitiated, BTS or Beyond the Scene is a seven-member South Korean boy band. Whatever the band touches, turns to gold. Let’s dig a little deeper and find out what branding lessons we can learn from this popular band.

Creating your own identity...

BTS clearly ticks all the boxes of a usual boy band or K-Pop band - Good music, stellar videos and young talent. What got them stand out (for mockery or as brand identity) is the band members' use of pastel colours for hair, makeup, jewellery and dance. They have bent how popular masculinity is. They also became an inspiration for Mattel’s Barbie brand to create a line of toys based on them.

.. Yet be relatable

Even though they stand out in attire, their songs talk about the light-heartedness of youth, self-love and mental health, which definitely strikes a chord with everyone.

Voice what you believe in

Many celebrities took to social media to show their support to the Black Lives Matter movement. BTS was one of the first to make a donation of $1million to the cause. Within 25 hours, their fan base (on Instagram alone) also jumped in and matched up the donation with the hashtag #Match­AMillion trending on Twitter! Now that’s what we call influencing.

Don’t stop listening

BTS’ fanbase community is a powerful entity on its own. The fans, usually referred to as ARMY, take forward the boy band’s values and ethos. ARMY worldwide has created over 150 worldwide BTS-related Twitter trends. And a sense of team prevails across popular social media, online forums, and BTS listens.

Colour your brand strategy

The band has always played in pastel colours. Especially for their hair, video backgrounds and clothing. Using purple (the band’s favourite colour) for their videos, releases and social media also affirms their branding. Few music bands have stuck to certain colours the way they have. And it has definitely helped their branding image of being a positive, gender-bender voice of the youth.

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