20 Oct 2016 / Organisational Culture

Changes in talent mix: weft and weave of organisational culture!

Nayana Lal Vattakunnel

By the next decade organizations will face an increasing flood of talents, infused with diverse skill sets. The confluence of talent mix and the well known frictions to attract and retain talents, calls for a fortified culture and a serious effort to concrete it. Frame a culture that provides support to learn, innovate, build leaders and inculcate experiences.

Filter and tap the right talents:

The assertion of frame needs to be people rather than policies. As there is a massive increase in the job aspirants, what should be focused more is to retain and obtain the right talent pool. The recruitment strategies need to be reframed. There should be more futuristic methods to be deployed. Again, recruitment should always be a never ending process.

Learn to manage individual workforce:

There should no longer be available employees as a collective term, more and more individual workers with distinctive cultural changes are emerging. Retain the right pool is what comes to mainstream. Strategise and amalgamate the right talent management systems would be the real challenge. Hierarchy and the so called management ruled atmosphere need to be filtered. Let that be employee centered with management shelled!

Elevated non-traditional workforce:

Unlike to the talent pool before 10 years, we can see a rise in the new era workforce with freelancers, contract workers and more. The role of outsourcing partners and vendors would be significant in the coming years. So, the traditional strategies need an uprooted analysis and amends. Ability to predict potential, gaps in proficiency, cultural distinctiveness etc. can ensure futuristic results in core.

Concrete organisational culture:

It is becoming more and more difficult to instill the culture through the diverse workforce. But, imprinting the right footprints to the nerves of the workforce is the need of the hour. Through years there can be a phase shift. Your workforce should be the advocates of the right culture. Beliefs, intentions and actions need to be aligned to reflect the right organizational culture. To deliver the promised USP, policies and frames needs to be aligned to employee centric.

Engage and empower people:

People programmes have to be designed to reflect the value of employees. In a prime position, be aware of the intrinsic differences between the employees and their different inclinations. Organisations need to recognize that their culture and business model need to resonate with employee mindset and the stakeholder interests, with interactions that are augmented with digital mindset.