Digital Marketing

Content Marketing

Content drives engagement. And in this digital sea we are all in, it makes you stand out as well. In order to maintain an engaged user base on a brand app or website, we have devised some time-tested engagement strategies and personalised communication plans with our content marketing services.

With our adept creative team based in Kochi and London, we have been able to devise the right content strategy and outreach methods for our clients that continue to give informative and engaging content to their target audience.

Social Media Marketing

Everyone talks Social. But does everyone breathe, eat and understand social media? We help brands connect with their possible and existing clientele, be it through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin or other platforms. To know more about our Social Media Portfolio, drop us a mail at

Email Marketing Services

Every email sent is a potential. A potential to grow your business. By subscribing to our marketing services, we will help you start, grow and nurture your email list of leads by sharing content they find useful. We have shared some of our ideas on email marketing in our blog. Here is a look

Website Chat Services

Live chat is the order of the day as it is soon becoming the leading digital contact method for customers and leads. 46% of customers or site visitors prefer live chat over calls.

Digiora has an exceptional custom-built, mobile friendly website chat service that is widely used for our clients in the UK, Middle East and India. With the help of our highly trained tech team, we can implement proactive chat invitations, personalized chat buttons, AI-trained chatbots and clutter-free chat windows, for your business; helping you scale-up and operate 24/7.

Google Ads Services

Get more customers or leads by effectively advertising your business with Google. Increase the efficiency of your marketing budget by trusting us with your Google Ads. As an Online Marketing Agency, we offer tailored, ROI-focused keyword rich ads that help you stand out in Google. To know more, you can reach out to us at Digiora.

Video Marketing Services

51% of marketing professionals swear by videos as one of the most successful methods of content marketing, with the best ROI. And it makes sense. Promoting your brand through videos is an easy, visual way of capturing attention that offers a great recall value if you brand wisely.