19 Mar 2021

Get Organized: The Lazy Guide to Getting Things Done

Digiora Technologies Pvt Ltd

Have you fumbled for your keys or something important when it was needed the most? Do you feel lazy thinking about getting organized? Then this article is a breezy answer for you.

The number one rule for getting organized is - you know it - declutter. Everyone talks about it, but it is so difficult. For office mess, the usual culprit is paper. We have in fact shared previously how you can improve your workplace productivity. After purging yourself of unnecessary documents, papers and what not, it is time to get organized. Here is a lazy-guide to get you super organized!

Here is how you can do things faster
Focus on reducing steps. Have you observed how busboys in restaurants save countless unnecessary back and forth by using a plastic tub to gather dirty dishes? A simple yet smart way to carry more in one trip. This needs to be your motto when you are decluttering, or trying to get errands done.

Go online. You can print your own letters and arrange for a courier pickup through the carrier’s website instead of physically going there. Of course one thing we all do almost naturally, is shopping online, which also saves time and energy that would have otherwise taken to drive to a mall.

Delegated Dump Bins. Sometimes we are not in the right mind to sit and declutter. A good temp option? Assign a place or a bin where you ‘dump’ it all in so that you can look at it later. Just don’t forget to do that last bit, though!

Let’s organize it and forget it!
A place for everything. While you might be excited to buy something new for yourself, office or home, you need to know where it will be ‘staying’ before buying it. What you buy, you own.

Contain the mess. Bins, files, trays and baskets - these are a few of the favourite things for an organized person. Even Marie Kondo swears by it. Using containers to group similar items together will make it easy to access and clean. It also goes back to our earlier point, as you would know exactly where to look. A huge plus: it will make you look super organized with minimum effort.

Think “low maintenance.” This one is quite simple. Buy nothing that looks or feels high maintenance. As we have mentioned before, everything you buy is what you own and what you need to maintain. In terms of upholstery (or even dress, really) opt for darker-colors and easily washable (crumble free) fabrics.

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