10 Apr 2021

Here’s What Your Brand Needs for 2021

Digiora Technologies Pvt Ltd

As the first quarter of 2021 is about to end, building a brand poised for a brighter future is the need of the hour.

We have scoured the internet and debated with our in-house branding experts to come with a list of trends that will help your brand stay relevant.

First stop, your website
Whether it is scrolling through social, or checking for delivery options, everyone is online. How your potential or loyal customer interacts with your online presence is of paramount importance now more than ever. And your website’s ‘health’ is crucial.

In India, 98% of all searches happen in Google. And to be right on top, your website needs to satisfy some core web vitals.

  • Loading Time (lesser the better)
  • Interactivity (to catch and hold ‘eyeballs’ longer)
  • Visual Stability (all the sound tech aspects that your website needs)

Whether you're a business owner, marketer, or developer, these three metrics are great starting off points to better the experience when someone has landed on your site. If you are unaware of where your website stands in these aspects or want a general checkup, you can always reach out to us at Digiora. By bettering the page experience, you are laying out your website for long-term success.

The Visual Package
It is getting bold and beautiful! There is a familiarity of Open Serif fonts that will probably stay (because who doesn’t love simplicity). We are definitely going to see more round serif, classic and minimalistic fonts around.

Towards the end of the last decade, we saw the trend of flat, flowing creatives - be it vectors, icons or illustrations. We feel that the trend will grow to include more geometric shapes to give that contemporary edge.

With the possibility of restricted travel and more freelancers working on video editing, some analysts even forecast text-heavy videos in the offing.

Socially Proactive
Contrary to popular belief, promoting products on social media, especially through influencers, doesn’t always translate into sales. Apparently, 60% of consumers have never purchased a product promoted by a celebrity or social influencer, but over 55% of consumers responded that they have made a purchase through some social media channels.

Facebook Marketplace, for instance, is looking at AI to better their shopping experience. Be it in automating tech tasks, understanding size details or in learning the buyer’s psyche. This is not entirely new, as Amazon has been using AI to generate 35% of all sales from its product recommendation engine.

Brand Activism
While we are on the matter of social media, one cannot miss touching upon having a brand voice. We have been seeing the rise of a mature, conscious consumer in our midst who knows all about free-range eggs and sustainable packaging; especially in cities. Studies claim that 88% of consumers believe large multinational companies can pave the way to a greener Earth

With the rise of a conscious spender, brands should make their voice clear and loud, especially on their social media pages. It’s not just about posting on World Environment Day. It needs to be a concerted effort in terms of content plan and collaborations to showcase that you are a conscious business.

We at Digiora for one are looking forward to 2021 to create meaningful marketing and branding strategies to help your brand stand out. We love to keep a close watch on trends and news about Web Development, Branding, and Digital Marketing. If you have a question, you can reach out to us on our social channels below. Or drop in at https://www.digiora.com/contact. We will be happy to look into it.