8 Apr 2021

How AI is transforming HR.

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Human resources, as we would imagine, are all about humans. AI or Artificial Intelligence though is very much a part of its future. And the future is now.

AI we may (or may not) be aware
For our forefathers, anything that made their life more convenient was “magic.” It could have been a steam engine or light bulb, or some such advancements in “technology.” So yes, in our era, “magic” is what we associate with Artificial Intelligence(AI).
Some might think that AI is sci-fi. Think again. Carefully calibrated AI magnificence surrounds us. Let’s round up the usual suspects!
There is Amazon Alexa, Siri, Google Now, and Cortana who are prime examples of AI, gladly taking over the role of an assistant. Google or Android maps can tell us the nearest places to eat or refuel. Music apps like Spotify have suggested a new playlist based on your likes and tendencies. And shopping platforms like Amazon, Flipkart and Facebook Marketplace are showing more of what you thought about buying. How?

How Does AI Help the HR Department?
Many large companies in the league of Amazon and Microsoft have successfully used AI to streamline several human resource processes, making it faster and easier. Deloitte’s report suggests that nearly 40% of companies are using an AI in HR.
Through softwares, services or devices, AI has helped HR teams for such companies to sieve through applications for recruitment, help in planning holidays or assist employed through chat services.
Examples of Olivia, an AI assistant that focuses on the entire candidate management or VCV, an AI-powered Robot-Recruiter that searches for candidates; are all highly popular in a global HR scenario. In this age of virtual offices and online team meetings, Microsoft Teams AI can even tell the leader which attendees were the most attentive!

The AI Edge in HR

Helps in Hiring More Qualified Candidates
Recruiting and talent acquisition are the areas where AI solutions are most effective. With the help of AI, using chatbots for recruiting, coaching employees and so on, HR leaders are able to deliver greater value to the organization.

Reduces Hiring Bias
Not all, but some HR departments are plagued with the age old issue of bias. AI and its analytics applications can take cultural, social or gender bias out of the picture. With fine-tuned AI algorithms, deserving candidates can be identified in no time.

Streamlines onboarding
AI and online project management tools can be a boon during these work from home times.

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