21 Sep 2020

Here is How Instagram will help your brand shine

Digiora Technologies Pvt Ltd

2020 marks 10 big years for Instagram. The social media platform has captured the imagination of billions around the world. And around 25 million businesses are using the platform for better engagement.

So, how can your brand shine on Instagram?

01.Let’s get some Instagram basics right

  • Add your website link to your Instagram Business Page.
  • Have a theme in terms of content you wish to post and the predominant colours used in them. This makes your posts intentional and a cut above the rest.
  • Use the right (and preferably same) filter to your posts and Instagram Stories.

Now that the basics are out of the way, let’s delve a little deeper.

02.Tell stories to remember

To explore the full potential of Instagram, one must explore the Instagram Stories feature. It is not just dissemination of content; it’s a two-way street for an enriching engagement.

You can get real-time feedback with its polling stickers and question buttons. It is also a great way to share timely updates about your brand. Is there a sale/ promotion? Share it on Stories!

Instagram Stories now also come with shoppable/clickable product stickers! That means that your viewers can click on the image/product you have published as a Story and get directed to purchase the product. It’s a great alternative if you don’t yet have the “swipe up to visit the website” feature.

03.How popular hashtags can help your brand

As a digital marketing company, we go through scores of hashtags. And many a time, our clients ask us - why is a hashtag important?

Hashtags are primarily labels that give your brand better visibility. That doesn’t mean any random string of words, though. Some marketers have noticed that popular hashtags that appeal to a certain segment of buyers are a sure shot way to engage with your audience better. For instance, some brands just use #love to reach out to more people.

04.Sharing and tagging all the way

To share is to care, people. Organic or (non-paid) genuine followers for your page would happen only through engagement and reaching out to the right set of people. One way to get started is by photo tagging peers and influencers. Photo-tagging on Instagram is a simple yet effective way to connect with accounts that share your same ethos. It increases the possibility of organic collaborations too, which makes your brand stay relevant.

05.Reel them in

Instagram Reels is essentially a short video format. With striking similarities to TikTok, the global launch of Instagram Reels garnered massive attention with the ban of TikTok in India and scrutiny in the US. For a business, Instagram Reel is a great way to showcase your products in a fun, shareable manner.

As Tom H.C. Anderson, a noted market researcher, rightly pointed out - “Engage rather than sell… Work as a co-creator, not a marketer.” We hope that this article is a starting off point for you to engage better and shine brighter on Instagram.

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