12 July 2021

How to effectively market on LinkedIn.

Digiora Technologies Pvt Ltd

As more companies are getting back on track post-pandemic, the job market is at a much better place. And so is LinkedIn, which saw a record level of engagement recently.

This could be a grand thing for your business too.

The social media and lead generation experts at Digiora have enlisted a few of the old and some new ways to enhance your LinkedIn presence.

How can you capitalize on this and maximize your brand awareness on this platform? What is the right tool to build a brand on LinkedIn? Let’s scratch the surface a bit.

Sponsored Content

LinkedIn offers the publishing of organic content as Single Image Ad, Carousel Ads, and Video Ads. Through Sponsored Content, you can expand your reach to new targeted audiences while growing your Page following. LinkedIn has noticed that 80% of its Sponsored Content engagement comes from mobile devices. That means you need to link the content you put out with a responsive and mobile-friendly site!

Sponsored Messaging

Sponsored Messaging definitely offers a more interactive form of engagement with prospects and customers. And you get to choose how to do it, more than ever:-

  • With Message Ads - where you get to personalize messages directly to your audience, or
  • With Conversation Ads - Relatively new way to interact in the InMail inbox. Members can choose from multiple pre-set paths based on their responses.

Ideally, Sponsored Messaging is used to promote a product, service, or specific content to a set audience. You can also personalize well in this method to send out invitations for webinars or virtual events.

Matched Audience Targeting

For built-in ad targeting capabilities, LinkedIn offers Matched Audiences targeting. A tool with which you can tap into the network’s data to target your ads to the right audience. This would give you a chance to cultivate highly qualified audiences on LinkedIn. It is always a good point to install the conversion tracking Insight Tag on your website if you were to do so.

And this is just the tip of the LinkedIn iceberg.

Are you wondering if you should do LinkedIn marketing for your brand? To get an in-depth, informative chat on social media marketing, drop a chat on info@digiora.com. Together we can work to make your brand shine.