17 Dec 2020

How to improve work space productivity

Digiora Technologies Pvt Ltd

Our workplace affects us. No, we ain’t bluffing, it’s a fact!

Think of it this way. We have felt some places as very calming. It might be a beach for someone or a cafe, but there is a certain unmistakable vibe that we are suckers for. Same goes for our workspace. Next time when you are feeling a little stressed, or not so productive, look around you. It might be time for a workspace refresh and here are super simple ways to make your workspace work for you.

01.Shhh, dear phone!

You open your system for work. “Beep” goes your phone. And then before you know it, you have spent hours drifting on social media or some shopping portal.

Sure you can refute us, but let’s ask ourselves an honest question, are you 100% focused when your handy phone is nearby? To work with paramount focus, it will be a good idea to keep them silent for work hours. There are tons of apps to help you set quiet time on your phone too.

If it’s all too much hassle, there is always the aeroplane mode that you switch on from time to time.

02.Oh, comfy office!

No denying this. Comfort is king! Maybe it is not in your scope to replace an office chair or upgrade your home office setting. But it’s in the little things - a cushion, a throw blanket, a footrest - not that difficult, right?

With most office cubicles coming with standard-height desks, it would be a good idea to customize according to your height. People on the shorter side will gain better comfort with the help of a footstool. Taller people would benefit from propping their monitor at a height that keeps their neck straight. That’s comfort and reducing health problems in one go!

03.Clutter be gone!

We all have that one junk room, or corner, or desk drawer that if opened will show mysterious items or objects, you never knew you had. Address that black hole before it sucks you in!

In many workspaces, the paper is a villain. It's important, yet messy. It's everywhere yet hard to find when we need it the most. If going paperless is not an option, conquer the clutter with colour coded trays, baskets and file folders.

When working remotely, these essentials should ideally be in your ‘go-bag’ - a bag meant to be your portable office drawer. That way, you will have all the important stuff ready for travel.

04.Colour Therapy

Okay, maybe this tip won’t work for black and white lovers. But colours and human psychology are too intertwined to ignore. Colours when thoughtfully used can help create the atmosphere you want.

A study shows that green and blue hues in workspaces can boost productivity. Many office spaces gravitate towards yellow and orange colours as they are proven to evoke energy, youthfulness, and spontaneity. Something that brands understand and use too. (What are the brand names that you immediately recall when you hear these colours? We are curious, comment below!)

Not everyone though can go paint their office walls. So, bring in colour with a piece of artwork or office accessories.

05.Add some “you” to your office

We did say personalize, didn’t we? But here is the disclaimer, please don’t go overboard by filling your desk with too many things. It’s prime real estate, people! Have only what you need or a picture that inspires you, or an aspirational quote. And don’t forget an oxygen-giving plant. Even in the dingiest office space, a money plant or pothos will survive. Quite an analogy too, right?

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