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cox motor group: an online success story

multi - channel Solution for a european automotive retailer

Business Drivers

Cox Motor Group, a UK based car dealership, came to us with a complex need. Their primary requirement was to make vehicles searchable to customers both on web and mobile platforms giving it a better online visibility. They wanted to manage highly dynamic data for their website in a cost effective model. However, there was an added issue at the backend which was making operations tedious. Their extensive data was scattered across different mediums like external data feed and locally maintained excel files. They were unable to aggregate data for their branches efficiency and quickly. The company's business users were losing valuable time in entering data manually to input 100s of new used cars on to their website. By the time they were done with one batch the next one was awaiting upload.

Digiora Solution

Digiora developed a fully manageable content management system and feed management web service for Cox's web and mobile digital presence. The content managed system we developed covered digital presence of their dealership business. The centralised feed management web service took care of auto feeds from different independent vendors like Auto exposure, 2nd Byte, JTK, Portfolio etc. The data feeds were efficiently processed and stored giving business users the flexibility to aggregate the data for any branch or for a combination of multiple branches.

A subscriber data model was introduced for branches with in Cox Motor Group. This solution allowed them to automatically update used cars data on all their branch websites. Business users could group multiple feeds to the extent that data could even be grouped based on different unique identifiers within a single feed source. The entire system was developed in(LAMP) Linux platform supported by Apache web server, PHP and MySql database.

Business Benefits

Our solution gave Cox a refreshed digital presence both over the web and mobile along withautomatically managed auto feeds with no manual data entry. Post implementation, Cox was able to reduce the manual data entry work by 90% and also reduce the cost of managing their website by 75%.

revolutionising user experience - alpeljo

customised travel solution for a european tour company

Business Drivers

ALPELJO is a travel company that came into the market when the rules of the game were changing. It was not interested in being any old booking agent, for them the way forward was convenient online booking giving customers best value for their money.

The management decided to undertake improvements of their business to make it more attractive to customers. They also decided to market it more aggressively. The result was a brand new web site and active advertising to attract more customers to the website and grow their business.

Digiora Solution

DIGIORA was hired as a consultant to rebrand and revamp the business for maximum effect. Our team then set about the task of investigating the options that would fit ALPELJO's criteria and budget. Our research suggested that Online Holiday Bookings would suit their client profile. Not only was this solution closer to their business needs, it was cost effective too.

The most important aspect of the Holiday Bookings Online system was that an elaborate availability calendar could be embedded into the new ALPELJO website. This gave the customer complete availability information over a wide date range. It also allowed them to search for short holiday breaks during off-peak season. Unlike other booking sites which do not have a system that tells customers which dates are actually available, the Holiday Bookings Online system is easy to use and understand. The admin control panel developed user-friendly, with simple menus that were easy to negotiate.

The system is just as easy for customers to book and make payments. When a customer looks at the availability details on one particular property they can simultaneously view other properties on the same site, without having to retrace their steps. This is ideal for big groups who want to book more than one property.

They were given the option to pay via Paypal, an option customers seem to prefer. It allowed for easy transfer of money and saving customers the trouble of sharing their credit card details and avoiding any possible inconvenience on both ends.

Business Benefits

The solution made it easy for our client to store customer details and download information on occupancy, address etc. for marketing. A better user experience and extensive visibility of holiday property meant users were happier and satisfied with the service they were accessing. The success of the solution can be gauged from the fact that within 2 weeks of its launch 25 tour package bookings were made online.