21 Jun 2021

Marketing on Twitter: Is it dead?

Digiora Technologies Pvt Ltd

Are you thinking about not suggesting Twitter to your clients?

Not so fast!

Though one might feel that Twitter Marketing is out of date and Twitter handle has become an extension customer redressal, there is more to the story. And clearly more than the old 140-character limit!

Why You Should Still Consider Twitter Marketing

One huge plus is that marketing on Twitter is free. Yes, there are promoted ads like any social media network. But with Twitter, you have all the freedom in the world to try making your tweets work without having to pay and more chances of virality than other media.

It is the most public social media platform right now. Users don’t need an account in order to view the tweets. That’s probably why we see many media channels, and politicians quoting twitter users to get a pulse of a situation.

Twitter marketing would make sense for certain brands. Not for all, though. If you are a fashion clothing line, probably Instagram and its young audience would appeal better than Twitter. If you are a brand vocal on current issues, gender equality, environment and lean more on podcasts and videos, then hold on to your Twitter account tight!

Twitter has an enormous impact on B2B brands. Apparently 75% of B2B brands find an active user base here. The average user on Twitter follows at least five brands and a survey found that 38% of the users say they’ll purchase from the brands they follow.

What Type of Content Works on Twitter

Twitter as a medium is inherently for posts that tick these five components:

  • Short and concise post
  • Engaging caption
  • Visually rich with images or videos
  • Tags
  • Hashtags

B2B brands should post their blogs more often on Twitter. Most B2B buyers always search online and on social media to make an informed purchase. An informative blog linked tweet will definitely be a hit.

In many places, Twitter has become an extension of customer redressal. Instead of being disheartened by it, take it by the horns! It is always a positive sign when the team can reply in real time and calm a potentially angered customer. Tweeting real-time looks more “human” than a toll-free number even.

Once you nail these elements, you can use real-time engagement to catapult your small businesses in this fast-paced environment. The platform is more dialogue oriented than the “post it and forget it” way.

In case you want to try these for your business, you can reach out to us https://www.digiora.com/contact. We have been in the business of making business dreams a reality and as a top website designing and marketing agency helped our clients realize their full potential.