13 Apr 2021

Nine ways to rebrand for 2021

Digiora Technologies Pvt Ltd

Everyone needs a refresh, including your business. Change can do wonders for your growth, especially after the hard-hitting pandemic.

Your business will benefit from rebranding, especially if:-

  • There is a consensus or a brand expert opinion that your current logo/ website or social media pages don’t quite connect with the company’s vision.
  • Thinking of expanding business scope? Double-check if your business name is too limiting
  • There is a need to repair a brand’s damaged image
  • Wants to re-look at branding strategies for the coming years

So, does rebranding mean cosmetic changes like a logo or a name refresh? Not really. The three B’s that should concern you are:-

Brand, Branding, and Brand Identity

Think about it in terms of Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution.

The crux of this widely celebrated theory is not really survival of the fittest. This theory depicts that unless you can adapt to your changing environment, you will not survive. An analogy you cannot avoid when in business.

Your brand needs to re-look at its branding methods and channels in order to have a brand identity that connects with your ideal customer and adapts to the environment.

How to build a powerful brand and brand identity?
As marketers who have had successful first-hand rebranding experience in India and the UK, we have listed nine definitive steps to lead a successful brand refresh this year.

Market Research to Size up Competition
Nothing beats research on your competitors and knowledge about the trends in the market. In order to make an informed decision for the path ahead, you need them. The goal of this exercise is not to underestimate or overestimate your brand, but to keep brand longevity in mind.

Get your ideal customer in mind
In marketing terms, do you know your brand persona - their gender, age, the demographics, and how your brand is helpful or necessary in their life? Do they require an app to use your service or product? If so, have you invested in such an option?

Carve a vision
Once we have sorted the first two aspects, it is time to dive into the specifics. Your company vision, for example. Great start if you have one already. It is always a good idea to revisit it to check if it's true to the company’s core belief.

A broad, holistic strategy
It is easy to assume that rebranding is all about a new logo or website. What rebranding actually means is consistency and a cohesive strategy across all media (logo, packaging, signage, flyers, ads, etc.), and channels of your brand (digital, social, brick-and-mortar presence, etc.). And whether you’re doing a partial rebrand or a retouch, it requires a hygiene audit.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it
Before you toss everything old, consider what has been working well for your brand so far. Your company name, for instance. Ideally, names are of great recall value and need to be preserved unless it clashes with the company’s vision and strategy.

Make this a collaborative process
As with any successful transformation, it starts with everyone. Don’t forget to Involve all the stakeholders from the get-go, including the leadership, business, design, engineering, and marketing. It will be a great way to strengthen the company's culture too.

Take time from brainstorm to release
Rebranding is not an overnight process. Probably why the Vodafone Idea merger in India took two years to roll out it’s rebranding. Project management tools can help in completing a successful rebranding within the deadline and budget.

Tell the world!
Once you’ve worked hard and did all the basic hygiene, it is time to spread the word! Showcase the changes transparently through a video or SlideShare presentation if you will. Tell your why and how and your target audience will definitely appreciate it.

Lastly, let your customer speak
The last and the all-important piece of the rebranding puzzle is your customer. And there is nothing like getting their feedback via polls, surveys, or messages. Throw in a giveaway, too, to get maximum engagement!

Let us help you with your rebranding journey. Our dynamic team of social media enthusiasts, tech gurus and UI UX design thinkers will love to help your brand shine. If you have a question, you can reach out to us on our social channels below. Or drop in at https://www.digiora.com/contact. We will be happy to look into it.