18 Nov 2020

Ring in the Holiday Season with Elan, Digitally

Digiora Technologies Pvt Ltd

Put your hands up if you are ready for the holiday season!

Not feeling it 100%? That’s okay. For it’s not too late to amp up your efforts to win mind share. There is no 'maybe' about it though, for your competitors might have started on holiday promotions a long time ago.

Here are some ways in which your brand can ring in the holiday season with elan, digitally.

01.Spark Curiosity

Share a teaser as soon as you can on how your brand is ready to ring in the seasonal cheer. It helps your customers stay updated and excited about your brand. Creativity is key here. Why not make a video (still considered the most engaging content) across all your social media platforms?

02.Reward your loyal subjects

Everyone likes to feel special. Would be great if you can reward your loyal customers, either through:-

  • Email Sales - Create an email campaign to send to existing or loyal customers with a fun discount, only for their eyes (and inboxes).
  • Social Fame - Give your VIPs a spot on your social media plan. Humanize your brand.

If you are not offering discounts, that’s fine. That’s no reason, though, to not ride the holiday wave and connect with your customers. For example, if you are a dealership, this is the perfect time to send a mailer tips to take care of your vehicle during the holiday season.

03.Drive purchases through your website

Whether you have third-parties selling your brand or you are a store - a strong website re-haul or edit is crucial to make your brand stand out. Returning or new customers would have different purchasing behaviours, and your website should be able to offer them a simple route to connect.

Get the most out of the season with a slew of promotional activities. It could be a clear call to action on your website, a mailer listing all the sale prices you are offering - which should follow with a quick sale reminder on Instagram Stories or a pop up from your app if you have one. You could also send a holiday card!

04.Have a definite holiday flavour

Create a thriving online community by sharing more than your latest products and offers on social with holiday videos.

Also, time to swap your Facebook and LinkedIn covers, and even website banners.

05.Don’t forget to Run a Post-Holiday Campaign

There are always slow shoppers who may have missed out on buying into the Diwali or Christmas or New Year campaigns you had planned. Delight them and other shoppers, by extending your holiday promotional plan and we are sure you will reap some benefits.

  • Extend Deals - Update your website with post-holiday deals and discounts. It could also be relevant upsells - like free shipping.
  • Remind Shoppers - Plan for mailers to remind them to take advantage of them before they run out of time this time around.
  • Root for real stories - Leverage on the experience of shoppers who did buy your brand. Share their photos, reviews, and stories across social channels and in emails to drive that all-important FOMO.

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