17 Jun 2021

Social media marketing: How much is too much Automation?

Digiora Technologies Pvt Ltd

Ah. don’t we like if things were taken care of?

Like that mountain of laundry becoming neatly stacked with a clap, or if those piling dishes become squeaky clean with a flick of a wand. We can’t say for sure when that would become a reality. In the marketing world, though, Artificial Intelligence is already taking care of things. With an array of tools and platforms, it is now easier than ever to automate routine social media and other marketing tasks.

Let’s dive straight into the basics, shall we?

The Era of Social Media Automation

Brands need social media. It's not just a good-to-have feature anymore. But with many brands, a dozen social media pages for each, posting patterns, retweets and the constant need to be up-to-date, it could become overwhelming.

Many social media marketers have been automating a part of or all of their social media marketing activities with the help of time-tested third-party sites.

Top activities automated are:-

  • Scheduling editorial calendar
  • Frequency of posting
  • Finding Keywords/hashtags
  • Automate replies with AI-powered tools or chatbots
  • Create a curated content stream, among others.

Almost 32% of businesses saw an increase in their revenue and some marketers also saved up to 6 hours per week.

Can there be too much Automation?

There are a growing league of marketeers who feel that there is too much automation being practised. They feel that automation needs to be re-looked at. For heavy automation could kill the very core of social media- engagement.

How do you know whether you are overdoing it? What are the signs? We feel it could be when you see:-

  • Zero engagements
  • Lack of Personality
  • Negative feedback, particularly about content, from the users

Striking the Right Balance

Automation isn’t the villain here.

A brand hires a social media marketer or an agency for they understand these media more than them. Therefore, it is imperative that marketers realize when to strike the balance between automating tasks and giving a personal touch for their client’s social media pages.

Engage with their followers as a fellow human. Marketers cannot afford to misunderstand the essence of social media channels. Probably why a lengthy LinkedIn article will not work on Instagram.

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