20 Mar 2019 / Digital Marketing

Tailor Faultless Digital Solutions - Over The Orthodoxies That Rule!

Nayana Lal

We are dealing with a volatile media clutter amidst atypical customer behaviours and content surplus. Needs, wants and desires outlines, pop and fuse-depending on a multitude of factors-visible and invisible. It has become evident that we need to be careful in crafting stories so as to prevent the fading brands.

With the advent of digital media, the possibilities are innumerable and we can see the content and creative clutter, which is difficult to tackle. In a segment where the giants ruled, smaller brands are now being born and raised online and taking the liberty to infuse a better personality. With varied platforms, brands are now able to connect directly to their customers and prospects, defining new norms for the engagement.

So, do we need a refinement on how the brands and businesses look on Digital Media? Here are a few insights that we found:

01.Identify your customers

Do you know who your best customers are? The one point that’s much important on running the campaigns and any engagements successfully on social platforms. Once you are on with your niche group and the prospects you are ready to go on tailoring the messages accordingly. To whom you converse is the prime and what kind of messages you need to instill depends on that.

02. Build your personality

Often brands get confused on maintaining and passing the right personality to the audience. That’s when they try to serve all the groups at a time and fails to deliver steadiness, thereby ends up having a mixed or absolutely no personality. How you communicate with your customers really matters. I have noticed on brands keeping sarcasm or wittiness as their constant tone. It’s good to go with any of that, provided you ought to be sure about what you are serving.

03. Content…content…content

The biggest challenge we face today is to create ad copies that are equally appealing and engaging. It’s a scenario where we need to do thorough research on- ‘who and when’ you are dealing with. The one rule that applies here is making it simple yet comparative. I personally prefer messages that are crisp yet to the notch!

04.Adding a humane stroke

Social platforms, for many are wrongly conceived as a sale driving technique, but in turn are the space where you narrow down the hole of the mechanical and humane elements. People come up to the brand’s social place as they perceive it as a locus where they can converse with the ‘brand persona’. So, care should be taken while you do anything preset over there; such as Facebook auto replies. How and when you reply or respond to a trail from the customer really matters and is directly proportional to the image you are passing.

06.Sustained Engagement

Today social platforms are overflowing with spanking new content; what's engaging on one second got forgotten the next second. To be successful you need to go for an ongoing process; one that's driven by your brand's personality to engage its viewers. Digital media is exclusively engagement driven and brand advocates are created only through sustained engagement. It’s not a swift route, but a lengthy process through the aggregation of all your actions on behalf of the brand.

07.Be creative-in all possible ways

What makes people engage with your brand? You should ask this question on a daily basis. Brands need creative promotions, graphics and messages to convince their niche group to take actions. Be simple and craft the campaigns so as to suit your advocates. Whatever be the budget you are investing on a campaign, if it's not triggering the customer strings it’s a failure.

So, give it a twist and there you go!