15 Jun 2021

The rise of Health Apps

Digiora Technologies Pvt Ltd

The mobile health app is serving the enormous gap existing in the industry since Covid-19. According to one report, there are 318,000 health apps currently, and hundreds are being added daily.

Telemedicine, also known as telehealth, digital health, or iHealth, has existed in your lives ever since your parents first called a doctor uncle/ aunty for medicines. Public acceptance, and the necessity of it, is renewed.

In the broad sense, a health app can mean:-

  • Listen, don’t react to gossips or divisionary comments
  • Earn respect with your work
  • Make a few good friends in your workplace who share your core values
  • If something/ person/ incident is affecting your work more than you can control, take it up with the HR

In India, most leading health apps are a combination of the first two points.

During the pandemic, there has been a 40% surge in use in India, with over 200 billion hours spent during April 2020. The trend is similar worldwide. Italy and Indonesia saw a growth of 30% and 25%, respectively.

The last five years’ meteoric rise in health app usage (other than COVID-19) could be due to:-

Shortage of physicians

The United States and many parts of India have just about 150,000 medical specialists serving nearly a billion citizens. Probably why many patients must wait longer in order to see their physician.

Accessibility to healthcare

Urban healthcare systems are usually more developed in countries like China and India. This leaves people living in rural and far-flung areas at a disadvantage.

That’s why on-demand health apps that let people book appointments with doctors in bigger hospitals are getting popular. Plus, one gets to buy medicines online without stepping out.

Cost factor

This could be one of the major advantages of the healthcare apps. With a lot of admin tasks (admin, documentation etc) taken care of, your consultation fees will be easier for your pocket/ purse.

Easier to track and monitor

Most healthcare apps come with a host of features for patients to monitor their health. It also keeps a track of their medical history and prescriptions so that the patient has his/her medical details with a click! That’s also one reason hospitals and clinics are tying up or creating their own health apps.

If you are a doctor, clinic or hospital looking at creating an easy-to-use, effective and holistic health app, you have come to the right place. We at Digiora have been working with some of the leading healthcare names in Kochi, Oman and Dubai for the past few years and we are confident that our expertise will help your medical brand thrive. Reach out to us by clicking here.