13 Jan 2021

Top Five Facebook marketing tips (that work)!

Digiora Technologies Pvt Ltd

Marketing your brand on Facebook is now a no-brainer. Why wouldn’t it be? With the social giant boasting 53% of users to be “always-on”, this is the platform to be for businesses. Having a great online presence some would say is crucial for business, much like how it meant to be yellow pages.

It’s one thing to be present on Facebook, it means a lot more to use it effectively. Here are some ways to absolutely nail your Facebook marketing game. Let’s get into it!

01.No Covering this Point

No two ways about it. Cover photos are a great way to be topical to get that much needed “wow” effect from the visitors.

Facebook cover photos can also upload brand slogans and calls-to-action videos. Making the covers mobile friendly is another aspect that needs attention.

02.Image Sizes Matter

Facebook is pretty structured with a limited scope on overall design and formatting. That said, you shouldn’t omit the possibility of optimizing the images or videos you upload in the form of posts, stories, links and previews.

Pause for a moment and think about the content that goes on your Facebook page desktop versus mobile. Are viewers missing out if they visit your page via their smartphone? The right social image sizing can ensure a clean, professional look. All key points for a good first impression, don’t you think?

03.Use Facebook Messenger as Customer Service

As more and bigger brands use chatbot to communicate online, it would be a pleasant departure if your brand has a human answering the queries of your current or future customers. Facebook Messenger that integrates with your profile is the ideal platform to reach and interact with customers, instantly.

04.Boost for Business Reach

Paying or boosting your post can definitively peak the reach a certain content has. The trick is to keep experimenting on different content with diverse visuals, at varied times of day, to find your own sweet spot in reaching more prospects.

If you want to go beyond boosting posts for marketing, then you need to get your head around Ads Manager and Facebook Power Editor tool so to try A/B test campaigns and to narrow in on audiences based on conversion pixels.

Then there is Facebook pixel which is essentially a data collecting tool. It retargets those visiting your website. You can also create custom audience through Facebook Ads Manager for your ads based on how long people have engaged with your video content.

05.Listen more

After all the work that’s done on Facebook, it is important to sit back and... listen! Here you can depend on third party sites like Mention or Hootsuite or HubSpot, to name a few, to track keywords on all public Facebook pages. Monitoring also helps in knowing the important terms in your industry, review comments and watch out for what the competitors have been up to.

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