11 Apr 2021

Top three non-contact icebreaker games for every office party

Digiora Technologies Pvt Ltd

How working has changed post 2020, right? There are enough reasons you could have felt a little stir crazy at work. We have rounded down three simple, fun, non-contact games that can help you keep sane.

Now, you might wonder, who has time for games?! And why should you even take part. As the popular adage goes, no play and all work won’t do you any good. By taking “micro-breaks” of a couple minutes in a workweek, you and your fellow team mates are well on your way to feel destressed and be more productive.

So, without further ado, let’s get cracking, shall we?

The “Don’t Do It” game!

  • No Prep
  • Active
  • There is a need to repair a brand’s damaged image
  • 5-15 minutes

This calls for following order - in the opposite sense! One person gets chosen to give directions to others with simple instructions like “stand at ease”, “attention”, “hop on one foot,” and so on. And the others are supposed to NOT follow that instruction and brazenly do the opposite. If they don’t do the opposite way, they fail and they get out. The last player who “doesn’t follow orders” wins.

Disclaimer: Following that game logic after the game will be injurious to your office reputation!

Desktop Photo Contest

  • Video conferencing
  • Creative, contest
  • 15-20 minutes

This is probably the quickest contest for remote teams. All your team members have to do is click a flat lay of the desk by arranging their work space on a flat surface and take a picture from directly above. You could make this a live contest with video conferencing. Or choose the winner based on votes for their photos.


  • No Prep
  • Brainy, Team effort
  • 5 - 20 minutes

Divide your team with a minimum of two people (sitting 6 ft apart). Give them random office products to advertise. Let them have a skit, slogan, the whole shebang in all of 10 minutes or fewer. Encourage the team to be as creative as possible and you will be surprised how good (or bad, mind you) some of your teammates are as they try selling a ‘magic’ bottle of water or an old rusty stapler.

This game can also be played completely online (for all you WFH people!) All it requires is a little Zoom / Teams monitoring and a timer, of course.

Bonus Game
Workplace Bingo!

  • Requires pen & paper
  • At Desk
  • (15- 20 minutes)

Call it Bingo, Tambola or Housie, we love the idea of striking down numbers and praying to lady luck to snatch that grand prize in the end. Your neighbourhood aunties’ favorite game can also double up as a good icebreaker with your teammates. There is also an online Bingo game card generator to help you get super organized and ‘hands free’. Those aunties will be so proud.