19 Oct 2020

The Truth about Professionalism at Workplace

Digiora Technologies Pvt Ltd

We often hear the phrase workplace professionalism from our employers. But what does that term mean, anyway? Does it mean dressing a certain way, or is it the need to do something more than just doing your work and showing up on time?

The answer is yes, and yes, and more.
This article is all about digging a little deeper to know why workplace professionalism is of importance to you as much as the organization. By becoming a successful professional, you will create a positive name for yourself and make yourself an asset. So naturally, it all starts with you.

01.The Big 3

Commitment, Priority and Accountability. There is no escaping these golden tenets of professionalism.

If your job is to water the plants, then you would probably prioritize to do it first thing in the morning. There is a sense of urgency to it. Your commitment or self-motivation to see the plant thriving also leads to a sense of accountability. You feel personally responsible for the plant’s well-being.

Accountability is a little more tricky though, isn’t it? For there can be a team that needs to be accountable. In case our hypothetical plant dies, who will be responsible - you or the team?

Thankfully, there are many digital platforms such as Slack, Zoho, Trello and Asana (to name a few) that can help your teams be “on the same page” and minimize any collateral damage.

02.Building a strong (remote) work culture

32% of new hires who quit within the first 90 days of joining cite company culture as the reason for leaving. Liking or disliking a company has a lot to do with personal reasons. But a great work culture starts with listening to your employees - both present and past.

It is challenging to foster work culture during these remote working times, but it can start with a virtual meet other than for work. Wait, did someone say Zoom antakshari?

03.Don’t Gossip

Let’s be honest, we humans love to get a new piece of information, a. k. a gossip. While it may tempt you to pass on what you heard about someone, gossiping will not add value to your resume.

Can’t control your urge to spill the beans? Well, take it outside the cubicle. Blurt it out to someone other than your workmates, like your spouse, parents, or an unsuspecting dog!

04.Navigating Office Politics

Chances are there is office politics at your workplace. With the pandemic making face-to-face interaction passe, there is even more scope for miscommunication and unknowingly (or ignorantly) hurling oneself into it.

It could feel like a group or an individual is playing politics for their advantage, and at the expense of others. Like those friendly decisions that happen over smoking breaks that could leave the non-smokers coughing.

Whether you are an introvert, extrovert or ambivert - we have narrowed four simple ways to navigate through office politics.

  • Listen, don’t react to gossips or divisionary comments
  • Earn respect with your work
  • Make a few good friends in your workplace who share your core values
  • If something/ person/ incident is affecting your work more than you can control, take it up with the HR

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